It seems like with cell phones and laptops, life should be getting easier.  Ask anyone here and our whole web design company will agree that life seems to be getting more complicated, despite the ease of communication.  But here’s a pretty incredible service that you have to check out.  It’s called Jott.  Are you ever driving in your car and want to scribble down a note?  Or maybe you have something you need to tell someone.  Maybe you even have a brilliant thought and want to post it to your blog or twitter account.  Now you can, from your phone.  With a subscription to jott you can speed dial them, record your message and it gets transcribed and fired off to your email account.  Or you can direct it to your blog or to someone else.  Now you don’t have to try and type while you’re driving.  If you’re faster at talking than typing, then you can save time by getting your messages transcribed.

Our web design company has subscribed to the professional version that allows us to have unlimited 30-second messages.  That’s $12.95 a month but they also have cheap plan for $3.95 that allows for 15-second messages.  If you haven’t tried it out, go get your free one-week trial and see what you think.

Hope that helps save a little time.

Chadd Bryant

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