In the wonderful world of internet marketing, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. This is why the professionals here at Red Rocket Web Specialists take the time to monitor the flow of people entering and leaving the websites we are in charge of. That is where the great program of Google Analytics comes into play. With it, we can peer in on our websites and see who is going where, what they like and what is scaring them into someone else’s arms. The tools that Analytics offer is incredible, and have revolutionized the way we understand websites.

And it’s not just monitoring, it’s tweaking websites and modifying ads to increase the CONVERSION of people that find the websites we are looking at. This is the most important part of using Analytics on a website. We have heard it time and time again: people want traffic to enter their site. We agree, but to a point. What is the use of driving a thousand people to your website, if no-one is buying your product or service? The big idea we have here at Red Rocket Web Specialists is not only to drive traffic, but to increase sales. Because in the end, the bottom line is what matters.

We set ourselves apart by taking a website, analyzing it, and then USING that information to come to conclusions about everything from placement, to design, to verbiage, and beyond. This information is then implemented into a plan that is subsequently tested and rolled out. This is an on-going process, full of pitfalls and triumphs until both Red Rocket and the client are satisfied with the success of the internet marketing strategy. Wanting to get in on the action? Contact us today and see how we go beyond the numbers to improve your sales.

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