I was asked this morning if we could embed a video in an email blast.  It’s not as simple as you’d imagine.

If you try to embed the movie, it will get caught in most spam filters or if it makes it through, it won’t play properly due to virus scans.  The best way to do it is to send a text email or rich HTML email and drive people to the site to see it.  If they click a link in your email, it can take them directly to your site and have the move begin playing.  That increases your website traffic, right?  Or if you have a rich HTML email, you can show an image that looks like a video, with a play button but it’s not the video itself.  When they click on the image, it launches their browser and plays the movie.

However, people are willing to go through those steps to watch something of value, like a video of you packed with great wisdom, but they may be a little disappointed if they are directed to a page to watch your commercial, which has relatively no take-away value in it for them.