Are you frustrated because your competition seems to be offering the same thing as you?  Do you read their site and feel like it says just about the same thing as yours?  Let me guess, does it sound something like this:

We’re the industry leading [insert category name] company serving the Northern Colorado region since 1984.  We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.  Our superior customer service and our award-winning products have established us as the most reliable, most trusted source for [insert product type].

Sound familiar?   Are you thinking that I copied that right off of your website?   If that’s the case, then you need to consider reworking your marketing copy.  Have you ever considered adding a personal element in marketing? This is the one thing that’s missing from so many companies.  You can’t always compete on price or product specs, but you can almost always beat the competition on service, because it’s sorely lacking in today’s marketplace.

Here are a couple ideas for adding a personal element:

  • Be sure to send hand-written thank you notes to your clients.
  • Remember people’s names.
  • Put your photo in your email signature.
  • Change your voicemail from the canned boring message that everyone uses.


I’d love to hear your ideas.  Please send us your best ways to add a personal element to your marketing.


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