Some people think that SEO or search engine optimization is like rocket science. I have to burst the bubble for all of those SEO companies out there that are fighting to keep all of the secrets under wraps. It’s not rocket science. It’s just a matter of following some simple rules and doing your work, consistently. That’s the key. There you have it. It’s all about consistency. It’s not about working really hard for a couple months and then forgetting about it. As soon as you think your website is on autopilot, you’ll start to see your numbers drift off and before you know it, you’ll be in a tailspin heading for disaster. It’s a lot easier to maintain your position or even gain position than it is to turn around a failing site that’s heading down.

As you follow this blog, I’m sure you begin to see that the techniques that I recommend are nothing that’s brand new to the SEO world. But it’s a matter of pulling together all of the tiny details that you once knew, but have since forgotten. It’s about doing all of the right things at the same time. It’s like having ten people in a row boat, all rowing in different directions. You don’t really get anywhere. You may have tried things in the past and wondered why they didn’t work, perhaps it’s because someone on the other side of the boat was doing something that was preventing you from going where you want to go. If you initially created a couple gateway pages thinking that they’d get you to the top of Google and then you started a link building campaign, perhaps the outdated gateway pages prevented your site from performing its best and all of the links in the world wouldn’t ever combat the effects of the gateway pages that Google dislikes.

I see the same thing all the time with my own health. I try to work out and go to the gym and see that I burned 300 calories on the treadmill. Then I go home and eat dessert. Simple math shows me that the 300 calorie dessert just offsets the effects of the workout. And I wonder why I’m not losing any weight?

So when you’re looking at your SEO strategy, try to identify all of the things that you’re doing and determine if any of them are detrimental to your online success. If they are, then all of the best SEO in the world won’t help your position on Google. You’ve got to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Until later. Here’s to your online success.

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