Imagine if your business were innocently plugging along when out of the blue, you’re attacked.  Blood everywhere.  That’s exactly how many online companies feel when Google changes things around and switches the way they list sites in their results pages.  Sites that were at the top getting tons of visitors can dry up and get nothing the next day.  Far too many companies are reliant upon Google for their success and when traffic patterns change because of Google’s ranking algorithm, small companies and large companies alike are running scared.  In this rough economy, you can’t afford to have all of your eggs in one basket.  Building website traffic is crucial.

How can you avoid becoming one of the victims of the monster?

Diversify your traffic.  That means that you should play it safe and get traffic coming in from multiple sources.  Get some from affiliates, get some from small search engines, get some from banner ads and rely on Google for a little too.

This helps to assure that when the monster attacks next time, your company will be sitting pretty with a continuous stream of traffic protecting your business.

Happy Halloween!

Chadd Bryant

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