86% of people experience pain when eating sushi.  Do you?

Have you ever eaten in a sushi restaurant and felt like you were being nickel-and-dimed because of the way they priced their food?  For some reason, many sushi restaurants choose to charge by the roll, rather than by the meal, like most other restaurants.  For 86% of the population, that poses a problem.  You see, only 14% of all people are able to spend money without their brains registering some sort of pain.  For those 14% that feel no pain when they pull out their wallets, the sushi pricing model doesn’t affect their dining experience, but for the other 86%, believe it or not, their brain’s pain center lights up with every bite as they subconsciously think about how much that bite just cost them.

Do you want another bite?  That sure tasted good.  But is it worth the pain to pay for another one?

Consider this when you’re pricing your goods or services.  If you’re breaking your elements apart into individual line items, you might be jeopardizing the sale by causing your prospects to consider whether each line item is fairly valued, rather than just assessing the one bundled price.


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