Nobody likes it when you brag so why do you do it?

Practically all marketing, whether it’s television, radio, a website design, or newspaper, tends to brag.  People have a tendency to think that marketing is all about telling people why you’re so great.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you read this on every website you’ve ever visited?

“ABC company is the leading supplier of industrial widgets in the Northern Colorado Region.  We’ve been in business since 1956 bringing superior customer service, outstanding products and innovative designs to our customers who demand the best.  Our people are the most knowledgeable in the field and they have more than 150 years of combined experience.  Additionally, we’re fully insured, are ACMI certified and are members of the ASTMDF and the LRDFGES.  To learn more about our superior product line, call our toll-free number today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.”

Does your site use this same formula?  I bet it does.  For some reason, it’s tough to take a different route and stop bragging.  It’s like we all got the same memo 20 years ago that said that we had to all start following that boring canned formula.

But what’s so wrong with that formula, other than the fact that it sounds like everyone else’s?  It’s so prideful and braggadocious.  Why do we all feel like we have to boast about our companies to make people like us?  It’s so counter-intuitive.  Think about the people you like.  Are they the loud, boastful people?  Or are they the humble, genuine people?  I would guess that you actually avoid the prideful, boastful people who just talk about themselves.  Yeah, you know those guys.  They’re the ones that trap you at a networking event and you just can’t wait to find the exit.  They’re the ones who are always bragging about how great business is, despite the real story you just heard from the humble guy that works there.

Knowing that you hate it when people brag and talk all about themselves, then why do you do the same thing?  Does your 30-second elevator pitch actually sound more like a 5-minute story about why you’re so great?  Or how about your website?  Do you feel that it’s necessary to tell the reader why you’re so great?  Come on, be honest.  You know you do.  What if you took a different approach and tried being that genuine, humble guy that you like so much?  What if you avoided the puffed up, prideful language?  Don’t you think people would be attracted to you?  Don’t you think that that might help build rapport, rather than repelling people? Stop bragging, and see the effect on your conversion rates.  I hope that helps.

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