I was asking Erik Stenbakken why he believed that video was so important.  Since he’s co-owner of Clear Summit Productions, a Colorado Video Production Company, I figured he’d have some great reasons.  Sure enough.  He had some great insight.  I felt like his thoughts were so well stated that I asked permission to post it here.  Here’s how he responded to my question about why our clients need to consider adding video to their site…

You may know Mark Twain’s famous quote: “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” 

Statistics are all over the place. Do a search for the most commonly used engines and you’ll find stats are FAR from consistent. Google could be #1 or not even on a list of 50 (really? yep). So I’ll leave stats to the professors and go so some more broad-based examples (evidence if you will) of why video works…

1. Motion, audio and content work. Period. If it did not work, firms would not spend millions putting up one spot during the Superbowl (and countless more during other more mundane times). Why do the giant companies know? They know it works. That’s why they do it. Is that what *made* them large? On its own, absolutely not. But as part of a successful business — the proof is in the money trail. 

2. YouTube. Once just a way to kill spare time looking at videos of someone’s skateboarding dog … YouTube now is a powerful search engine in itself. Stats vary on how commonly it is used as a search engine (not entertainment, but as a SEARCH engine). Some say #2, some #7. Regardless, the fact that its numbers go up and up and up every month shows there is HUGE demand for video. Even if the stats are sketchy as to exactly how it’s used for searches — there’s little denying that video has become the most rapidly expanding “language” on the internet. 

3. Successful companies use video to sell stuff. All kinds of stuff. I recently bought a pair of motorcycle pants from a company I’d seen referenced many times in forums: Revzilla.com. I Googled a lot of vendors. Lots of folks sell pants…  but Revzilla.com had not only reviews from users, they had VIDEO REVIEWS by a sales person. I could see, in “living color” various pants, the pros, the cons, the “this is what you’ll get” of all kinds. What other sites did I visit after that? Not many. The prices here were competitive, but definitely not the cheapest. But I could trust them. I’d “met” Tony, the guy who does tons of reviews. I had seen the goods. I went from wanting to spend $90 somewhere to to sending Revzilla.com $179 and being very happy I did. Then I went looking for riding boots. What greets me? VIDEO. It’s the first thing on the page. Honestly, I didn’t even consider boots that didn’t have a video review. So I went from thinking $120 for boots to $300 for boots — and knowing what I’d get for my extra $$$. 

And finally… 

4. What good would it do you to have your best sales person have two or three minutes of personal, one-on-one sales time with a prospective customer? In the buyer’s home or office? At the very moment they want to buy? With your sales person giving their very best, most polished pitch? With the ability to teleport locations instantly, compress time, and either demo the gear or introduce other satisfied customers? AND do it simultaneously to 100 customers (while remaining 1:1)… and do it all 24/7. 

If that kind of sales opportunity won’t do any good for the bottom line… I don’t know what could. 

This is essentially what web video can do. It’s BETTER than an ad. An ad comes on and interrupts what you wanted to watch in the hope that you’ll change your behavior as a result of the imposition. Web video (or trade show video) is showing. It’s telling. It’s introducing prospects to satisfied users. It’s everything that the best sales opportunity is… and it runs on demand to active buyers. It’s hard to beat that kind of opportunity. 

To contact Eric, visit the Clear Summit Productions website.

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