These days we’re all so busy that it can be difficult to manage all of our commitments and to-dos. Here are 4 apps to help you organize that may help make your life a little easier. Most are free or have a free version available:

1. Wunderlist – This is a popular app that allows you to create to-do lists with reminders and due dates. This app is nice for projects that multiple people are collaborating on because you can share to-do lists, comment on them and even assign tasks to each person. You can also easily print your lists if you need a hard copy.
2. – This app also allows you to create to-do lists with reminders. Many people like this app because it has a very simple, intuitive interface. Each morning it also provides an overview of your appointments and to-do’s for the day.
3. Todoist – This list app allows you to create recurring tasks and it also has collaboration features if you want to share your lists with colleagues. The design is similar to an email inbox which is a familiar layout for most people. It also syncs in real time across multiple devices. This app also uses “karma” points which encourage you to be productive and meet your deadlines.
4. EasilyDo – This app manages some of the everyday tasks we never seem to have time to do. For instance, it can remind you when you should leave your office for a meeting based on the current traffic conditions. It can also automatically organize your emails or send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends. All you have to do is connect the app to your social media, email and calendar and it does the rest.

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