Responsive web design. Have you heard of it? This is not some new buzzword, it is in fact a very real and practical part of web design for 2012 and beyond.

Years ago, web design saw the introduction of ‘liquid’ or ‘fluid’ layouts. This idea didn’t fully catch on but nevertheless, with the advent of varying screen sizes, having a web design which responds to the device it is being viewed on has become a very real thing.

So one definition of a responsive web design could be: A design that readjusts size and placement of elements of a website according to the screen size it is being viewed on. To that end it is important for us as web designers to have a good grasp of the concept. Here are 3 very comprehensive articles on the subject of responsive web design.

The Father of rWD

Simple clarification of rWD

Gorgeous examples of rWD

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