Sometimes coming up with a web design can be a bit confusing. Other times things just seem to fall into place. One of the things that I tend to forget, but am reminded of upon reviewing the contract specs, is designing a custom favicon for the website or even the mobile icon for an app. Now this might seem like a no-brainer when doing app work but typically all the effort is put into the interface so subsequently the icon sometimes gets slapped together last minute.

So even though this blog is supposed to be strictly about web design and not a ‘how to’ guide, I simply cannot¬† help myself. Here are some quick tips on how to approach these design elements.

Now for a favicon, basically all one needs to do is design up an icon to represent your site (usually the clients logo or a symbol in the logo). This should be designed to fit in to a 100px x 100px square. Then save this as an image file like a jpg or a png. After that you can upload the file to a sit like This site spits out the code and everything. Pretty slick! Now pop that bad boy in to your web design and your site is good to go.

In terms of generating a quick bingo-bango app icon, check out This is a cool tool for web design. Nothing earth shattering or award winning but definitely useful don’t you think?




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