When you really think about it, there are two places where a website design can really fail to perform:

  1. The site isn’t getting enough traffic or
  2. The site isn’t converting its traffic into sales.

Solve those two issues and you’ll have a winner.  Okay.  Maybe it’s not that easy, but it’s true.  If you look at your slumping website sales and ask yourself which problem you have, the answer is definitely in one of those two problems.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t know which one it is.  In fact, you could have a problem with both.  Let’s say you get very little traffic and the visitors you do get never buy from you.  You have an issue with both.

How to determine how many visitors you’re getting:

If you’re not sure how much traffic you’re getting, then you may need to install tracking software like Google Analytics.  It’s free and boy is it useful.  All you do is copy a few lines of code that Google gives you and paste it into your website template.  Voila.  You now have a sophisticated tracking system that will begin looking at your website and will tell you how many people visit everyday, how long they stay, where they came from, which pages they visited, which keywords they used to search for your site and more.  It’s a treasure-trove full of goodies that can help you to modify your site to appeal to your audience.

To set up a Google Analytics account, go to http://www.google.com/analytics/.

How to calculate your website’s conversion rate:

Once you know how many people your site is getting every month, you then need to count how many sales you had last month.  Divide the number of sales by the number of visitors and you have the conversion rate.  For example, if you had 100 visitors last month and made 1 sale, you have a 1% conversion rate.  If you had 100 visitors and 4 sales, that’s a 25% conversion rate.  Frankly, if your conversion rate is less than 1%, you should probably start looking at ways to increase your conversion rate.

We’re kicking off a new Wednesday series.  Our last 12-week series was all about how to engage your Facebook followers.  This current series that we’re kicking-off will focus solely on  how to get more traffic and how to  increase conversion rates.  We’ll tackle the traffic issue starting next Wednesday.  Until then, set up your analytics account and calculate your conversion rates.

Hope that helps!

-Chadd Bryant

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