For the next 12 weeks we’ll be covering some great ways that you can engage with your Facebook followers.  Watch for our Wednesday posts and learn not only some great social media company techniques, but also some tried-and-true marketing practices.

Here are just a couple of the exciting things we’re going to hit on.

  1. The “damaging admission” and how to use it to your advantage.
  2. How positive reviews can actually make people love your company more than you’d think.
  3. 3 ways that you can show your customers that you really care about their needs.

Let’s jump right in and get to lesson number 1.

Tactic #1: Pictures. Whether it’s on your website or on your Facebook page, people love to look at photo galleries.  No site should be without some sort of gallery.  You don’t necessarily have to post photos of your company picnic though. Think about creative ways to show your product.  One of our clients owns a brewery and restaurant in Fort Collins.  It’s called Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing.  They sell t-shirts and hats and every year ask their patrons to enter their photo contest.  All you have to do is take a picture of yourself wearing your Coopersmith’s clothing at locations around the globe.  People have sent in their pictures on the Great Wall of China and even at the top of Everest.  That sort of gallery not only shows that Coops has loyal patrons, it build loyalty and builds a community.  It forever cements the relationship with the guy who sent it in.  Once your picture is added to the Coops Facebook page, you’ll tell your friends to check it out with a sense of pride.  You’re famous now!  Why not tell the world.  So not only does a gallery on your Facebook page build relationships, it increases traffic as your fans share the gallery with their friends.

Have you noticed how even the news broadcasters are getting into social and are showing the photo of the day with the weather report?  “Here’s a gorgeous sunset over Horsetooth Reservoir sent in by Gertrude from Fort Collins.”  Why would they do that?   For one, it shows that the news channel cares about their viewers.  It makes them seem more personable.   The personal touch that a viewer-submitted  photo gives is similar to a hand-written note.  People love photos so use them to your advantage and create a photo gallery on your Facebook page today.

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