I’ve written several times about web design and texture and web design and color and web design and font choice. And here I am again preaching the merits of yet another web design that incorporates all three. Do you sense a common thread? Sometimes, as designers, we can over complicate things in our heads but it always comes back to the basics. Keep it simple. If a web design works in it’s most simplistic form then adding little bits like texture and color, in appropriate doses, will only add to the esthetic appeal.

This site is an excellent example of keeping things simple while at the same time spicing things up with subtle use of texture and the like. Another cool aspect of this web design is how all content is given the same brand treatment. So at high level it looks / feels like the company brand but as you drill in you get to see / feel how Tommy upheld the uniqueness of each of their clients brand visuals.

This site exudes a very simple and clear level of thought.

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