And now we come to #8 in our journey through the world of web design and 10 super cool websites and why.

This site is really cool for a couple of reasons. Let me first say that I am a sucker for textures and this web design is full of textures. The nice thing is that it doesn’t feel like one of those designs that’s just trying to keep up with the cool new thing but instead it feels like what your experience may be if you engage the services of Deda.

Other web design elements I especially enjoy are:

– Color palette
– Sense of humor
– Illustrations
– Playful rollovers
– Page scrolling yields more useful and interesting info

I just can’t say enough about the web design of this site. It’s just cool around every corner. I think if anyone does not enjoy this site and want to engage Deda immediately, then they don’t have a pulse.

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