This website is not just a good example of how straight forward web design can be used for a blog but also how to blog. I really could take a few pointers from this!

One web design approach that I love the judicious use of white space. There really is a lot of content in the posts themselves and if I was to have found this site and saw all that content, forget about it, I’d be searching for the back button. But the post excerpts are just enough to peak the interest of the user.

Now, even though this is a blog, this is a good reminder in terms of thinking of web design as a whole. A website is more than just the home page, it’s all the other secondary and tertiary pages combined. And the truth is that some users just might end up landing on one of those pages before ever landing on your home page.

So with that in mind, good web design means designing as a whole with nothing being left over as an after thought.

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