Ok. Sure. This site might seem to be peppered with a bit of self-indulgent web design at first but, when you consider the target market & the product offering… it becomes very cool!

Now this site doesn’t play nice on my iPad at all. But it has so much depth and grit that I feel like I could reach in and touch it. A perfect blend of both analog and digital so to speak. I know many web design aficionados scoff at the idea of ‘mystery navigation’. And from a usability standpoint, mystery navigation is the devil. But for certain applications, and this is one of this applications, mystery navigation can be totally O.K.

The cool thing here is that YOU get to decide how YOU want to explore the site. Want to move down? Click the DOWN arrow. Want to move up? Click the UP arrow. Want to see the next example of work? Click the + symbol. Previous example? Click the – symbol. Looking for the menu? No problem, here you go. Just click the big white MENU button. Are you absolutely confused and wondering what in the world you are looking at? Oh, just click the INFO button.

That leaves just one more question. Is this site really that cool? YES!

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