This is a very cool website not only in terms of great web design but also in terms of the companies business model. As described in the FAQs section of the site, the founders say that they “wanted to finally have a place to send friends and clients who constantly ask for our help in finding developers.” Very cool.

Ascetically, this site works great for a number of reasons.

1) Background color
– The light gray/off white color of the background, coupled with the diagonal scan lines makes for an old-timey Apple Macintosh feel. But also it serves to contrast the white of the content boxes.

2) Font Choice
– Even though there are several different fonts being used in the site (I counted at least 6) the hierarchy is very clear and evident. Which leads me to navigation.

3) Navigation
– Though not bound by a traditional navigation structure (ie. HOME | ABOUT | CONTACT ), the navigation is still quite comprehensive. The layout feels very fluid even though there is a lot of content on the page. I also love the simple Over and Normal states of the links.

4) Portfolio
– I love how each developer is showcased in what is a very simple yet thorough portfolio. By using line art to represent the device, the user is focused clearly on each developers work.

Yet another example of how to take something that could have been a jumbled mess of content and with a bit of top notch web design, you have a clean, fresh and comprehensible website.

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