Now for some cool web design work from a more corporate point of view.

This a fun site full of lots of eye candy. But don’t let that fool you. this site is very functional.

Web design elements that I like are:
• The footer ( nice contrast and dimension)
• Image slider and how it matches up to the Evospeed side bar
• Clear user flow
• Familiar map pointer (in side bar) for location finding ( nice little touch with putting a shoe in the pointer)
• Playful ( this web design just feels active which makes me feel like if I buy Puma’s I’ll instantly be active)
• Puma news updatesupdates at bottom of the page
• Subtle, yet effective, transitions between sections

Now this his has nothing to do with web design (or does it) but I love the logo. It seems like there used to be a time when people really payed attention to how good their logo was, especially if it was going to be used as a branding tool in all sorts of different ways and in different forms of media. Back in 1948 when they adopted the logo, Puma could have never guessed that it would look so good on the web.


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