And the journey continues with website design #3.

This site is

Some of the website design highlights would be:
• Catchy tag lines
• Gorgeous choice of type face
• Use of inline text were possible not images
• Consistent matching with the overall brand (notice the images: everything right down to the awning on the building to the grocery bags)

And what’s particularly neat about the website design is that the  typeface for the website (Claredon if I’m not mistaken), is in the same style as the print work.  So here is a good example of how to use the web to it’s fullest. No need to just settle on Arial bold.

You also know exactly where you are in the ‘space’ of the web

Their is one goofy web design element. Under the Products page you get a nice list of categories and then, if you want to, and your mouse wants to, click on the picture you get, not more information about the category but another page with just the picture. Huh!? In terms of site navigation and user flow this should be either one of two things. Not clickable or take me somewhere.

But other than that, it as a beautiful example of good website design.

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