Last week I began the journey into showcasing 10 super cool websites and why. Today we continue with site #2.

There are some very cool web design elements to this site. One of the things I love most is the very subtle color palette. I really think it takes guts to have a company that is obviously very good at in your face work, and yet approach their own web design from a not so in your face angle. That speaks volumes in terms of the site being purely focused on the work and therefore not distracting in any way from their message. This ultimately translates into a company that knows how to take care of their clients needs.

I also love how they worked in their “geeky love of equipment” side as well. The header images are creative and clever not to mentions natural. If this was a floor with all of the equipment strewn about the only thing that would be moving would be the video. And goes what, that’s the only thing moving! I love it.

Among other things that make this web design cool would be the beautiful pairing of type and also how good it looks on an iPad. Of course after having said that, I do have just a few issues with the site and the iPad. One would be flash video and two would be that the site doesn’t automatically re-size to fit horizontal or landscape mode. But alas I digress. This is a cool site.

Ok, last thing. So, try this out;
Go to MySpace and look up the band Shake the Baron. Click play on the song Rest of Reaction. Then, in another tab or window blue, mute the sound on the clever video reel and enjoy.


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