Talk about taking ownership of something. On more than a few occasions over the years, I have had discussions with clients who are convinced that X color won’t work for their website design because X color means XYZ. Though there is some real truth to how color can have an affect on our moods etc., I have also been a long-time-firm believer in the fact that almost any of these so called design theories can be broken if one simply takes ownership of their design decisions.

To that end, Subplot has taken ownership of color and for that I applaud them.

So to recap:
We’ve looked at 10 different websites over the past 10 weeks that all have really super cool web design. We’ve talked about everything from big corporate giants to small freelance designers. And though each site has a different target audience and a different service to offer one thing is consistent, Super cool web design!


Here’s the complete list off all 10 sites:

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