Last week, as part of our Wednesday series on how to write better copy for your website, we talked about how to use a conversational tone.  This week, we’re talking about using a consistent tone.

Inconsistent tone.  We recently had one of our customers submit their own content for some materials that we were creating but the writing style was very different from page to page.  Be careful to not change your tone.  Inconsistent tone erodes trust.  It’s like dealing with a person with schizophrenia.  This subtle problem is prominent across the Web as most sites are written by a number of people over a long period of time.  Regardless, try to be consistent.  If you talk about yourself in the first person, stick with it.  Don’t vacillate between tenses.  And don’t change from a conversational tone to a professional business tone.  Just be consistent in whatever you do.

Until next week, check out your website design and see if it’s consistent in tone.

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