Over the next few weeks, we’ll be using our Wednesday posts to help you write better website copy.  This week, I thought we’d start off with a real easy tip that can revolutionize your writing, without any effort.  Combine this writing tip with a great website design, and you could have a winner.

Dumb it down.  For many people, writing is intimidating.  Are you one of those people?  Do you stare at the blank page with nothing to say?  Why is it that we don’t freeze up when speaking but when asked to put our words on paper, our mind goes blank?  It’s all in your mindset.   One way to keep your brain from freezing up is to just try and relax.  Quit thinking of a better word and a more sophisticated way to say that phrase.  Just let it flow as if you were speaking.  Keep a conversational tone.

We use a simple tool with our clients when we’re writing copy for them.  Before we start, we present them with 4 paragraphs of text.  Each one basically says the same thing, but each one is written in a different tone.  We have one that’s very technical, one that’s salesy, one that’s conversational and one that’s more journalistic, like you’d find in a newspaper.  Inevitably, people gravitate toward the conversational tone.  They always choose that one.  In fact, I can’t think of a client ever reading those and then asking us to write in the technical tone.  So why is it that we sit down and start writing and become like robots, trying to think of big words that don’t sound like they’re every day, spoken language?

Enough said.  I hope that helps.

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