Here we are, at the conclusion of this short series. We have gone through a few of the best ways to monitor (and improve) your website ROI. This process should be part of any company’s website marketing plan.

So far we have discussed ways to look at the way a site currently runs and how to improve the website based on these observations. Some key questions to think about when looking at the data are:

1) Where are people abandoning the website? What is the last page they get to before they decide to jump ship? Chances are there could be something harmful on that page that turns people away. Look at it closely and make changes.

2) Are people getting to the shopping cart and then leaving the site? This could be cause for concern. Perhaps the shopping cart is asking for too much information from the user, or the way the shopping cart is laid out makes no sense to the end user. Pay close attention to this and fix it.

3) Are people flooding your inbox with annoying questions or are you getting no e-mails from anyone? Both of these extremes are bad for business. Build a FAQ page for those questions that are constantly asked. Call people to action to get them to sign up or e-mail you for legitimate reasons. Speak directly to each need and make the next step crystal clear. Active words such as “learn”, “ask” and “sign up” are words that get attention (and hopefully sales). Use “you” and “your” to speak directly to your visitor and make it more likely that they will contact you.

Most importantly is to set up realistic goals. A conversion rate of 50%, while nice, is extremely ‘pie in the sky’ thinking. Make a goal that can be achieved and continue to evaluate and re-evaluate the information from an analytics program to help reach the goal.

Here at Red Rocket, we can help you with your future website building process. We pride ourselves in generating not only wonderful looking websites, but also websites that are set up to maximize your ROI. Til next time!

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