News: Red Rocket Team Aids in Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

Windsor, Colo. – When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, the powerful hurricane caused unimaginable damage. However, the out-pouring of aid from around the country that followed also could not have been imagined.

Red Rocket Media Group quickly climbed aboard the relief efforts. Chadd Bryant, co-owner of Red Rocket, was on the first relief team that went to Bay St. Louis, Miss.

“When I first arrived in New Orleans, it was just five days after the storm. It was frightening. Everything in sight was destroyed and we were the only people, other than the occasional military personnel who were in the evacuated city.”

Two months later, Red Rocket responded again by sending some of their members on the first volunteer trip headed by Crossroads Church, Loveland, Colo., in November 2005.

Relief work in the region consists of demolition, clean up, restoration, rebuilding and ministering.

Crossroads Church has sent a total of eight volunteer groups down to the region and has adopted Bay St. Louis, Miss.

Bryant, has now participated in seven of the relief efforts and has lead four of them, and Amanda Ferri, Red Rocket’s designer, has traveled to Bay St. Louis twice to help in the clean up efforts.

Hurricane Katrina caused an estimated $81.2 billion dollars in damage and killed 1,836 people. Preliminary reports provided by Mississippi officials stated that the hurricane destroyed 90 percent of the buildings within half a mile of the coast.

To volunteer in the on-going relief efforts, call 970-674-0079.