Changing Lives, Bringing Positive Results

Dated: 8.26.14

Hi Red Rocket,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer!  I wanted to thank you for the gifts that you sent through Red Rocket Media Group for Water of Life.  I saw firsthand the impact these filters are making in Rwanda.

I met with one woman who has become the sole caregiver for her grandson, Compassion-registered Jean Dedeiu, whose parents abandoned him when he was little.  With other children and grandchildren living under her roof, she has a pretty heavy load on her shoulders.  But she is carrying it with so much dignity.  It is obvious that she is loved, respected and appreciated by her family.  It is also obvious that she is weary and so grateful for anything that can be done to lighten the load: be it prayers, the loving support of the Compassion workers who care for her grandson, or the gift of safe water.

When she talked to us about receiving their Compassion Water of Life safe water system, she of course mentioned the obvious health benefits, but she was also quick to share another important benefit of having the system.  “The government tells us that the way to make water safe is to boil it.  But that means that we have to buy coal,” she said.  “Now that we have the water system, we don’t have to buy coal.”

Coal.  I’d never even considered the reality of the process of boiling water.  It’s such a simple thing that can turn into a financial burden or something that gets dropped lower on the list of priorities when money is needed to meet other basic needs.  A Water of Life system is easily maintained and can last this family a lifetime.

Receiving a safe water system meant one less thing this grandmother has to worry about providing for her family, and it’s one more thing that will make life better for them.

You truly are changing lives with each water system you are providing, thank you Jennifer and Chadd.  It is an honor to serve with you in ministry.  May God bless you as you journey with Him.


In Him,
Sheri Hudson
Donor Relations Manager
Compassion International/USA

12290 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80921