In an ideal world, where a company has both the resources and budget for web marketing, both organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) should be used to help get ideal results. However, in an economy such as the current one, it is necessary to pick only the one that will create the best results. But which is best can be confusing. So lets take a look at the pros and discuss what we can do.

Organic SEO offer several distinct advantages over PPC. According to recent studies, people are less likely to click on paid search ads rather than organic SEO. One such study found that users are up to six times more likely to click on the first few organic results than they are to choose any of the paid results. It is easy to see that many people ignore the paid advertisements and go straight for the first items in the organic list and the only way to get there is through good SEO practices. Also, according to recent studies, only 14% of searchers trust paid listings and the overall conversion rate (the rate at which searchers take a desired action on your site) is 17% higher for unpaid search results than for those that were paid for. Another important thing is that while PPC advertising may get you to be at the top of the results for a specific keyword, organic search engine optimization campaigns can give you results that will last you for a while. PPC advertising only goes until you decide to stop paying for it.

So far, we have seen all of the pros for organic SEO, but PPC also has it’s advantages. For instance, the results of the PPC is immediate; the moment you pay for it, you can see results, whereas organic SEO may take months before any change is noticeable to the ranking of the website. Also, in the end, these PPC campaigns may be easier to manage, and are usually cheaper than good SEO campaigns.

Final conclusion: organic SEO has some very distinct advantages over pay-per-click advertising. However, there may be certain situations where PPC makes sense financially and strategically. To find out which route would be best for your company, contact us today and we will help you to take your web marketing efforts to the next level!

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