How to avoid the most common writing mistakes

Nothing to say.  Turns out that some of the worst sites we’ve created are the ones where the customer was going to fill in the content and write their own product descriptions but never did.  I can think of at least 2 examples from the last year where the site was launched with several “coming soon” pages because our client was anxious to put the new site up but didn’t have a moment of free time to write their product descriptions.  Both of those sites have fallen off in the Google rankings because of their lack of content.  Now that the website owner has finally written content, they’re struggling to gain back their top rankings in Google because of their long-standing reputation as a website with multiple “coming soon” pages.  If you have nothing to say about your products, then why would your customer have any reason to buy them?  Refer to our earlier posts on writing effective ad copy to find ways to appeal to your customer’s pains and problems.  Remember, even the best website design can’t compensate for crummy copy.

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