For the past couple weeks we’ve been talking about ways that you can improve your Google ranking, specifically by separating your site from any of the types of sites that you wouldn’t want your children visiting.  We first addressed the issue of “poison words” and how you can unintentionally harm your online reputation and essentially be punished by Google by using the wrong kind of words, despite the innocent use of those words that have double meanings.  Next we addressed the problem that many sites experience when hosted on servers with thousands of other sites, many of which are objectionable.

This week were going to talk a little about a relatively unknown problem that many companies face.  It’s the issue known as canonicalization.  That’s a really scary sounding word but simply put, you shouldn’t be able to reach your website with the www and without the www.  If you’re able to type it in and reach the site either way, you may have a problem.  You see, Google sees that as two separate websites with duplicate content.  And boy does Google hate duplicate content.  If you have two identical sites both sites will be punished.  You have to eliminate the issue and ensure that only one version of the site is visible.  There are a number of ways to hide one of the sites but you must do it if you plan to rank well on Google.

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