Last week we were talking about how you need to eliminate all mention of words in your site that may cause it to be confused with the types of sites that you wouldn’t want your children visiting.  All too often, sites are unintentionally riddled with the words that are used in those types of sites.  Once those are eliminated, move on to address this other important factor.

This week we’re going to discuss another thing that can unintentionally confuse your site with those types of sites.  Where is your site hosted?  What’s that mean?  That’s the location of the computer that houses your website’s files and serves them to the world.  Is it at GoDaddy?  Or  There are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of hosting companies.  Odds are, your site is with GoDaddy since they’re the most popular hosting company.  And with that success in their business comes problems.  They have so many clients that they can’t possibly keep track of all of them.  So it’s likely that your site is hosted on the same server as other websites with objectionable material.  How’s that affect you?  It looks like you’re condoning it somehow if you’re sharing a server with that kind of site.  Recently we discovered a way to see all of the sites that are hosted with our own site and wow was it an eye-opener.  It was amazing to get a glimpse at the sites that are hosted on the same server as our own site.

Let’s just say, there were more than a dozen sites that we didn’t want to associate ourselves with.  Frankly it was a little embarrassing to see that.  We all blushed when we looked at the list.  It was disgusting.  So what can you do?  You don’t have a lot of control over the other sites that a company like GoDaddy has as clients.  You could cancel your contract and host your site internally but that’s a big risk and it could be expensive.  Or you could switch hosting companies but the new one could have the same problems, if not today but someday.  So here’s what we did…we bought a dedicated IP address.  That simple fix essentially separated our site from the bad neighborhood.  We now have our own address, one that’s not tainted.  We have control of the other sites that live in our neighborhood now.  We control our address and aren’t affected by the others.

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