If you want to write better copy, be honest.  Whenever people make claims on their site, it sends up my skeptical radar.  As the owner of a website design company, I think to myself, “Oh yeah.  Show me the proof.”  Doesn’t a headline like the one for this post just make you want to puke?

Exaggeration.  There are only a couple products out there that are so great that even I feel like I’m exaggerating when I tell my friends about them.  Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you that I love zip-ties, Magic Erasers, AirBorne and my allergy guy down in Boulder.  I’m constantly telling people about how great my allergy guy is.  I just refer to him as “my guy.”  He cured my headaches in a couple treatments and I’ve seen him take care of skin ailments, insomnia, depression and more.  People think I’m exaggerating when I tell them all of the things he can cure.  He even worked on my mom’s cat.  Frankly, I think most of my friends are sick of hearing about my guy because it sounds like I’m exaggerating when I tell them that he can cure most any ailment by just tapping on your spine.  In fact, I’ve been allergic to metal for about 20 years now and every time I wear one of my belts, I get a rash on my stomach where the buckle touches my skin.  My wife used the same back-tapping techniques and she cured me so I can wear that belt any time now.  Sounds crazy, like I’m either out of my mind or just exaggerating but it’s true.  Nevertheless, stories that sound too good to be true are easily dismissed.  You’re better off sticking with plausible stories that can be rationally explained, even if you have a product that’s out of this world.

I’ve always believed that testimonials are the most powerful vehicle for motivating people to buy, but in this case, even my ringing endorsements for “my guy” have only led a handful of people I know to actually drive down to Boulder and try him out.   If it’s too good to be true, even a testimonial from a trusted source loses its credibility.   By the way, if you want to learn more about how my guy can help you, give me a call.

Here’s to your improved writing and a healthier future.  J

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