Have you seen the Sprint commercial that talks about Twitter? If not, play the video below.

Twitter had 30 million unique visitors last month! Can you believe that? I’m sure the figure in the video about 26% of all people not knowing what Twitter is, isn’t accurate but the number has to be shrinking every day. With 30 million users per month, Twitter has sky-rocketed up to the 69th most popular site on the Internet in just a matter of months. Sure, they didn’t just appear out of nowhere, but their overnight success seems to have come from nowhere.

So what’s with Twitter? Why are so many people using it and other forms of social media, like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and Craig’s List to name just a few? Because they’ve changed the face of the Web. It used to be that websites were just static brochures. Companies would make a website that told about their products and maybe even sold things online. And then the web began to evolve. Some call the new web, Web 2.0. That’s a fancy way of talking about an internet that is more interactive. An internet where users contribute content, like YouTube. An internet where people connect with other users. With the advent of sites like those mentioned above, their growth is due to their users interaction with the site. The more people who join in the conversation, the more content that is there to attract other users. Content has always been king on the Internet and now webmasters are no longer responsible for creating all of the content. The users interact, upload their own content and grow the site organically.

So what’s the fascination with Twitter? Why has it grown so rapidly? I believe it’s because we’re so busy these days that connecting with other people using only 140 characters abbreviates relationships. It forces people to get to the point and it strips out the clutter. Sure, for some it can become an addiction and doesn’t really save time, but for others, it’s a way to keep a large group of friends or colleagues informed on in a limited time.

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