It’s amazing how many people out there still think that buying ads Google will somehow impact your website’s rankings.

There are two types of search traffic: organic search (non-paid), and AdWords traffic (paid). What this means is that if you pay Google to show up in search results, you’re only competing with other advertisers in the two areas that show ads. These two areas are right above the normal search results, and directly to the right of the normal search results. If your website shows up in one of those, that’s great. All that means is that those ads are showing up in those boxes; this doesn’t mean your website is actually ranking for your keyword.

The idea is to get your website to rank in what we call the “organic rankings.” Ads are for people that don’t know if they’re ready to buy. Organic listings are for people who want to buy now. That’s where the money is, so that’s where we recommend your website to be.

Still can’t tell which is which? Here’s a tip: the ads have a different colored box behind them. It can be tough to tell the difference, but just look closely.

Hope that helps!

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