For many people, pay-per-click advertising seems a lot like a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino. Frankly, there are similarities. Both pay-per-click advertising and slot machines allow you to gamble a small amount of money in order to possibly make more money, but that’s where the similarities end. While slot machines have a guaranteed payout over which you have little control, the payout with pay-per-click advertising is in your complete control. After all, you’re the one who controls your website and controls how effectively it sells your products.

Okay, but how do I make money with pay-per-click advertising?

Once you understand how many people need to visit your site in order for you to make a sale, then you can easily determine the payout. For instance, if you know that 3 out of every 100 people who visit your site tend to buy your $50 product, then you can assume that every time you drive 100 people to your site, you’ll sell $150 worth of products. Let’s say you have to spend $10 on pay-per-click advertising in order to get 100 people to visit your site, you’ll make $140, less the cost of the products themselves, every time 100 visitors walk through your virtual doorway. Obviously, as long as you have a good profit margin you can see that the more people you drive to your site, the more money you’ll make. It’s really just a formula for making money.

Is pay-per-click really worth the investment?

The Pay-Per-Click ROI Projections Report will analyze for you the potential cost for your pay-per-click advertising and project how much you can afford to bid on each keyword in order to still turn a nice profit. This report can put your nerves at rest and determine if the investment in pay-per-click advertising is right for you. Once you have the opportunity to see for yourself the cost for advertising versus the potential return on investment, you’ll never again feel like pay-per-click advertising is a gamble.

This report will analyze the top 20 most popular keyword phrases that relate to your product. We’ll show you:

  • The current cost if you were to have your ad at the top of the listings for each term
  • The most cost-effective advertising position in order to stretch your advertising dollars
  • The number of potential clicks that you can expect to receive
  • The potential monthly advertising costs

The potential net profit projections based on your product’s profit margins

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