Previously, we saw how to begin to monitor and record the visits to a website to help and understand the roi of any website marketing plan. Lets continue and see what hidden items can be examined to better determine the best ROI that you can milk out of a productive website.

While it is always important to be making money from a website (whether via e-mails, online sales, or forged connections with long-time customers), it is always important in the end to discuss cost avoidance, especially in regards to your website.

For example, reducing the number of phone inquiries to your company can reduce costs and time to your company. The costs of having a secretary, a human resources person or even a call center constantly on the phone and not productive in other areas is often times a hindrance on the bottom line. IBM, world technology leader, claims to have saved $2,000,000 (two billion) a year in call center costs with an online support section of their website. Even for small businesses, with limited personnel, a simple Frequently Asked Questions section to a website can greatly reduce the amount of calls for easily answered requests. This allows employees to work more on items that could be making the company money and growing the infrastructure.

Calculating the average cost of a single phone call, e-mail or (if applicable) a help page request can provide a base from which to determine which areas need to be addressed. Perhaps too many people are calling to ask the hours? This could be solved much easier if the hours were easily visible on every page. Quite a few people wanting your annual report? Provide a free .pdf document on your website under Resources. The cost savings in the latter case are two-fold. Saving employees from phone time is the first result, but also imagine the cost you are saving in not having to pay for the printing of each one of those annual reports.

In the next segment we are going to pull everything together and discuss how to receive a better ROI on your website. Til next time!

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