Internet marketing in Denver has to be one of the fastest growing areas in business today.  While other segments like housing and construction are shrinking, Internet marketing in Denver continues to expand.  While layoffs are common at many corporations, the smaller agencies that offer SEO and other Internet marketing services in Denver and along the front range are seeing a surge in business due to the demand.  It’s no secret that SEO and other Internet marketing services offer the highest ROI of any marketing efforts so more and more businesses are changing the way they’ve done marketing for years.   With the recent closing of the Rocky Moutain News, it’s apparent that advertisers have chosen to shift their marketing dollars to tactics that are more effective.

Internet marketing in Denver has benefitted from the technological changes and many agencies are reaping the rewards.  Unfortunately, many web design novices are chasing the money and are now attempting to expand their services and offer Internet marketing.  As a result, the Internet marketing industry is quickly receiving a reputation in Denver and beyond that’s similar to snake-oil salesmen.  Big promises, followed by lack-luster results are becoming the norm.  Businesses are quickly becoming skeptical of the promises and who can blame them.

Internet marketing in Denver is actually growing more quickly than in other cities because of the talented pool of tech-savvy workers that have an understanding of the Internet.   However, these same people, although talented in other areas have lost their jobs and are now scrambling to find ways to make money.  Without any intentions to harm their customers, these Internet marketing newbies are following the old adage of “fake it until you make it.”  So buyer beware, you may be the next guinea pig unless you do your homework.  To learn more about the questions you should ask before hiring a web developer or Internet marketing agency, visit the Internet Building Codes website.

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