Internet marketing in Denver continues to gain popularity as more and more businesses are turning away from newspaper and phone book advertising as their primary means of lead generation. A recent study by Nielson demonstrated that Internet marketing is growing faster than any other segment of marketing while simultaneously proving that Internet marketing also provides the highest ROI. Higher than televison. Higher than radio, and higher than newspaper.

Internet marketing in Denver is also growing across the board with small, medium and large-sized businesses. Non-profits, government organizations and other NGOs are all taking advantage of the web and its unusual power to reach desired target markets with relative ease. But it’s not just the local businesses in Denver that are taking advantage of the explosion in the area of Internet marketing. With the recent downturn in the economy and unemploment reaching 8% in some areas, many people have found themselves looking for jobs in the Denver metro area and Internet marketing is one field that job-seekers are turning to, hoping to find a way that they too can capitalize on the growth.

I had coffee a couple weeks ago with a gentleman looking to break into the field of Internet marketing. He noted that despite the fact that he’s still pretty green, he has a lot more experience than many in the industry who are selling their services. His 6 months of study has given him a jump on those who are entering the field right now as the result of a recent layoff so he’s positioned to have an advantage over other job-seekers in the marketplace.

Internet marketing offers tremendous possibilities for both businesses and job-seekers alike and with the pool of skilled workers in the Denver area, talent is there for the taking. But buyer beware. Do your homework so that you understand the pitfalls of Internet marketing before you engage in business with someone claiming they can help your company’s bottom line. Because of the relative ease of entry into the field, Internet marketing has quickly gotten a reputation akin to snake-oil salesmen. If you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly interview and company your candidates, you can easily become the victim of either inexperienced consultants or unscrupulous businesses who are unconcerned about the long-term health of your business in an effort to get quick results. Steer clear of companies claiming that they can provide immediate results. While those types of results can be achieved, the tactics used by some companies can also result in your domain name’s blacklisting.

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Chadd Bryant