Today I would like to talk about the importance of customer comments and how when we take customer comments into consideration, the good and the bad, customer service  can be improved no matter what business you’re in, from fast food, to fortune five hundred company, or your friendly seo and website marketing company down the street. When we truly listen to our customers, when we build a culture of listening to those comments we can grow from them.

They can improve the business, sometimes they may suggest or outright give us ideas or opportunities for a new product or service that people are really wanting. Sometimes they may lead us to ways in which we can educate, promote or improve the experience of our customers. They may inspire or reveal ways to better interact with them as our customers.

There will also be times where customer feedback will be harder to translate into an action that needs to be taken. It may take some time and patience before we see a pattern that’s not working or perhaps is working. However, if we are regularly looking for clues from customer feedback they may help us get at the root cause or point out a strength we may not be fully realizing. In either case the potential exists for building better customer relationships and loyalty, making the listening worth the effort.

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