Most mornings before heading in to work at our website design company I stop off for my morning late’. On a recent morning standing in line at the coffee shop, I had the experience of watching a cashier in training having a hard time with a transaction. The more experienced cashier was trying to help her through the situation but it was clear by the body language of the new cashier that she was irritated with the process. Her body language was expressing disrespect and irritation toward the more experienced cashier who was trying to help. The attitude expressed was so strong that it was something that I was picking up on as a customer. Even though the trainee was not focused on me I felt bad for the more experienced cashier and was not enjoying what is normally a fun part of my morning routine. It also crossed my mind that the behavior of the cashier in training was actually putting the business in jeopardy.

This experience provided a good illustration of how important it is that businesses put people who enjoy people and pay attention to all the people around them, co-workers and customers alike, in those key front-line customer facing positions. These front-line employees have to be able to recognize how not only their language but their body language affects how they and the business are perceived. It is critical for businesses to make sure that every front-line person has a history of helping people and is good at providing a great customer service experience.

What is your business doing to make sure it has individuals in those key front-line positions that are good at helping people (i.e. answering phones, greeting people, or handling other customer interactions)? If you have the right people in these key positions it will almost guarantee a great customer service experience. If you do not it may be adversely affecting your business more than you realize.

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