There is a store that I still visit regularly and recommend often, where I worked for a time right out of college, that is located in Fort Collins. Website design and SEO is the realm where I currently operate several years later but I believe I still have such loyalty to this one-of-a-kind shop, not just because of its unique offerings and great overall customer service but because as a former employee I experienced first hand why the customer service is great. This business has created a culture where each employee is valued and nurtured made to feel an important part of the team. It doesn’t matter if the employee is a long time employee or an part time employee who has been brought in to help during the busy season. The wonderful benefit that comes from developing such a culture is satisfied employees, and former employees who are more than happy to share their expertise, experience, and referrals with customers and potential customers. Building and nurturing such a culture is an important key to great customer service and one worth considering in your business environment too.

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