As part of an internet marketing and website design company, I quite often find myself observing and critiquing customer service experiences. I want to make note of what I see working well and what is not working so that I can learn from those experiences and take them forward for our organization as well as our customers.

Recently I experienced a good example of customer service, in a sandwich shop. My family and I stopped for some lunch at sandwich shop we had not visited before. We were greeted at the door by an employee and directed to the start of the ordering process. The employee quickly observed that we were not familiar with the process and very politely instructed us. She spoke in a tone of voice that was welcoming to other customers in the vicinity who felt at ease to ask their questions too. She did a very good job of being personable and instructive without slowing down the ordering process.

The remainder of our time at the sandwich shop was pleasant and the sandwiches were delicious but the tone was set when we walked in the door. Whether your door is physical like the sandwich shop or virtual like a website that first impression is important and good customer service is the key.

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