By now, most of you know the importance of blogging on your own website in order to raise your rankings on Google, but how and why does it work so well?  First a little background.  The word “blog” is actually a contraction made from the words “web” and “log” but as Google has come to like blogs more and more, the word “blog” has become an acronym for “Better Listings On Google.” These days, no site should be without a one. Since Google likes to see frequently changing content, they’ll naturally rank sites with blogs better than those without. But… you have to commit to keeping it updated. A blog that gets changed every few months doesn’t help your ranking on Google at all. But don’t get overwhelmed. Your blog entries don’t need to be any longer than a couple sentences. If you can afford to write and extra email or two each week, then you can handle a blog.

Plus the benefits go well beyond just ranking your site higher on Google.

Blogs allow your customers to subscribe to your updates so that every time you add something, they’ll automatically be sent the changes. Blogs are growing rapidly (112 million blogs last I heard) and those who have embraced them are seeing thousands of people who are becoming followers. Before you know it, you’ll develop a loyal following who can’t wait to get your next update. These are people who respect your expertise and are more likely to buy from your company because you’re providing them with regular advice.

To your online success.
Chadd Bryant