Since August, we’re been uncovering  ways to battle the 2 problems that prevent websites from producing significant online sales.  So far, we’ve been covering the best ways to get more traffic from Google and this week, we’re hitting on the most-important factor on SEO: link building.

If you think back, do you remember when you used to search Google and most of the listings would lead to questionable websites?  You know what I’m talking about.  The kind of sites that you’d never want your kids to see?  Google had to clamp down and figure out a better way to bring back clean, relevant results.  They knew that the sneaky webmasters that were cheating their way into the listings with their questionable sites had to be stopped.  So they changed the way they ranked sites.  You see, back then, if you hid innocent words in your site, you’d rank for those phrases.  It was pretty easy.  Put white text on a white background.  You could essentially hide hundreds of repetitive keywords in your site and trick people into getting to your site.

Google had to stop it.  So they decided to clamp down and take away the power from the webmasters.  They essentially gave that power to the live voting public.  They realized that they could look at all of the sites around the globe and see which ones linked to a site.   Essentially, a great site with great content will attract lots of links.  People will naturally link to a site that has great content.  If you have a lame site, no one will link to it.  If you have a great site, people will link to it.  Google, in all their Googly brilliance, figured out a way to evaluate the world’s websites using live people rather than just their computers.  They went from irrelevant results filled with questionable content to highly relevant results that are essentially hand-reviewed.

So what’s that mean for you?  To start with, fill your site with great content.  Great sites attract links which increases your ranking on Google.  More links, more traffic.  More traffic, more sales.  It’s that simple.

Now that we’ve talked about why links are so important, next week, we’ll cover a couple techniques for getting even more links.  Until next week…

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