If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that every Wednesday, we’ve been talking about the 2 problems that prevent websites from producing significant online sales.  Last week we discussed the myths surrounding the meta keywords.  This week, we’re gonna talk more about SEO and how to properly optimize your headlines.  Let’s get right to it.

The headline is highly important and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Far too many people either don’t use the H1 tag, which is also known as your headline tag, or they waste their headline by filling it with unimportant words, like “Welcome to our Home Page.”  Imagine if Google looked at your headline to try and determine what you wanted to be found for.  They’d assume that you want to rank when people search for things related to homes.  Instead, wouldn’t it be a good idea to include your most-important keywords in your headline?  It’s not rocket science.  Just jump back to the beginning of this series to discover the steps to take when choosing your keywords, and them apply them to your headlines.

One word of caution…

Don’t try and cram them all into one headline.  That’s a bad idea.

The headlines, along with your title, are probably the two most important elements that you have control over within your site.  When Google realized that many webmasters were cheating the system by manipulating their websites to rank for phrases that they shouldn’t necessarily rank for, they tightened their regulations and began limiting the power you have to rank your own site.  They gave that ranking power to the rest of the world.  No longer could you fill your site with keywords and hope to rank for those phrases.  They had to get live people involved in the decision-making process.  How did they do that?  We’ll talk about that next Wednesday.  Until then…

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