Last we began talking about the benefits of pay-per-click advertising.  This week, we’ll talk about the next benefit.

PPC Benefit #2: It’s highly targeted.  With pay-per-click ads, you choose the search phrases that will trigger your ads.  If you’re selling those knitted salt and pepper shakers, you might choose to only have your ads shown to people who are looking for sale and pepper shakers.  That way, people who are looking for a new set of tires won’t even see your ad.  That way, you’re guaranteed that only the people who are looking for your product will be enticed to click on your ad.  Think about how powerful that is for a minute.  The guy looking for tires isn’t concerned with salt and pepper shakers at the moment.  If he were distracted from his search for tires and decided to click on your ad, the likelihood that he’d buy your sale and pepper shaker covers would be slim.  On the other hand, if people who are looking for sale and pepper shakers encounter your ad, and click through to your site, they’re much more likely to become paying clients.  Essentially, your conversion rate would be a lot higher.  It wouldn’t be worth your advertising dollars to get a low-converting prospect to your site when you could get high-c0nverting prospects for the same price.  With the highly-targeted ads, you’re likely to get more sales from fewer people.  It’s a rifle approach rather than a shotgun approach.

Stay tuned and we’ll cover another great benefit of PPC advertising next week.  Until then…

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