As another installment of our Wednesday series, today we’ll be continuing where we left off last week.  We were discussing the value of blogging and talked a little about keeping a consistent professional image.  Today, we’re going to delve into the keys to pay attention to when blogging for SEO purposes.

Last time, I mentioned that the word, “BLOG” has become an acronym for Better Listings On Google because Google loves fresh, new content.  Unfortunately, many people spend hours blogging without seeing any actual results.  So why is it that one person can blog and see their site move up in the search engines, while another person sees no change?  Here are two potential reasons:

  1. Consistency.  Google loves to see sites that are continually adding new content.  Unfortunately, most sites have a sporadic approach to SEO, social media and marketing in general.  Consistency is key here.  As a company, we try to blog a couple times a week, if not more.  Go back through our posts.  See for yourself.  Do you think we sit down every day and write something?  Nope.  Who has the time to squeeze that in every day?  Instead, we divide up the chores.  We each take a different day.  Obviously, my day is Wednesdays.  The trouble with blogging is that life gets in the way.  The only way to keep on top of your blogging is to block out some time, sit down and write a bunch of posts.  While you’re probably reading this post sometime in the late fall, I’m actually writing it today on March 2, 2012.  I love the fact that you can pre-write your posts in WordPress, and then schedule them to go live at a specified time.  I like to bring my laptop home and write a bunch while I’m relaxing in the evening.  Then, when I want to be outside when the weather is nice, I’m not dreading the fact that I have to write my Wednesday post.
  2. Intentional use of keywords.  I see it all the time.  People spend tons of time writing their posts and neglect to incorporate their top keyword phrases.  They’ll go off on some tanget about how they spent their weekend and never really get around to their topic that means so much to their customers.  For instance, if I were to talk all about what I did last weekend, you’d not only get a little bored hearing about how we cleaned out my daughters’ bedroom Google would also start to think that my blog was all about Disney princesses and Dora.  You don’t want to confuse Google like that.  On the other hand, if you stay on-topic, Google will start to see the theme of your blog and they’ll think of you the next time someone searches for something related to your company.  Note, if you look back through our posts, you’ll see a common theme relating to website design, SEO, graphic design etc.  We stick to a pretty narrowly-focused set of topics so that our customers understand what we’re all about and so does Google.

That’s it for this week.  Until next Wednesday…

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