If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you know that we’re in the middle of our Wednesday series on the 2 problems that prevent websites from getting tons of online sales.  We’ve covered a number of tricks for getting more traffic to your site through search engines and this week, we’re continuing with some valuable tips on blogging.

The term “blog” started out a few years ago as a contraction.  People had web logs, like an online diary.  But over time, we got lazy and pushed the two words together to get the new word, “blog.”

Over the years, in our industry, the word blog has actually become an acronym for Better Listings On Google.  And boy is it true.  Google loves sites that blog regularly.  They eat up new content.  And why not?  Think about it.  Google is in the business of serving ads on sites that participate in their AdSense program.  Plus they make oodles of dollars on the ads that are shown in their search results.  The more results that they have, the more advertising opportunities they have.

So what should you blog about?  First think about your customers.  Keep your blogging on-topic.  While some people’s blogs are known for their political ranting or comments on the latest news topic, keep your customers in mind.  What do they want to learn from you?  It’s fine to interject personal insight and even pull back the curtain and tie your personal life into your blog, but be careful about how much you reveal.  Just because it’s a blog, doesn’t mean you should reveal any more than you would in a face-to-face conversation.

I know someone who works in our industry.  He’s very professional when you meet him in a business setting.  On the weekends he really lets loose.  That doesn’t seem to affect his business life so it’s not a problem.  However, he’s begun video blogging and all of a sudden, there seems to be no professional filter in place.  The video blogs are crude and show him screaming and yelling in a bar, clearly drunk.  How do you think his customers feel about this disconnect between the person they respect Monday through Friday, now showing their immature side, like a college freshman?

On the other hand, some of the best bloggers in the world keep their audiences engaged by offering the occasional personal tidbit.  It’s fine to be transparent.  That sort of honesty makes people like you.  But keep it professional.  And most of all, keep it consistent with the image that you portray to your customers between 9 and 5.  If you appear to be professional by day and immature by night, your blog just might do more harm than good.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the value of blogging for SEO purposes.  Until then…

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