If you were with us last Wednesday, you learned about a neat tactic for intentionally building links into your website which ultimately helps with your SEO so you rank better on Google.  This week, we’re going to cover a similar technique that’s just a great.  Instead of using press releases to build the links, this time we’re using articles.

There are websites called article directories.  Essentially, they’re like libraries for articles.  Webmasters around the world are hungry for content.  They’re too lazy to write their own content so they’ll gladly put your articles on their website.  The price?  It’s free.  You pay nothing.  They pay you nothing.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.  The other webmasters sort through the article directories looking for well-written articles that match the topic of their site.  Their only limitation is that they have to leave the article intact, just as you wrote it.  That means, you can include an author biography at the end, working your links back to your site into that paragraph.  By submitting one article to an article directory, you can typically develop 25-30 links in no time.  The only trick is making sure that you use your best keywords in your articles and links so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Next time, we’ll move on and talk about the blogging and how it can help you to get tons of traffic.  Until then…

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